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 You’ve got the vision, we’ve got the game plan.
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Are you ready to get strategic about your marketing?

Are you sick of feeling flummoxed, frustrated and overwhelmed trying to navigate your digital platforms? Not getting the results you deserve? Feeling like the juice isn't worth all that mental squeeze? 

We’ve got you. It’s time to step back,  take a breath and reconnect YOU with your business and magnetise YOUR customers to you.  

And the first step ISN'T deep diving into the latest digital platforms, learning to code or becoming an Instagram influencer!

The first step, our entrepreneurial friend, is developing a strong, authentic and honest marketing strategy.  This is THE MOST CRITICAL step in your digital marketing success. It is only once you have a strategy, that you can look at your digital footprint with a critical eye to ensure every digital interaction is strengthening your business magnetism. 

Developing a marketing strategy is your best chance to achieve your wildest goals. It is your foundation for success.

 'People don’t buy goods and services, they buy relations, stories and magic.’

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Marketing Strategy

You’ll soon find out that we don’t muck around.

We get right to the heart of your business. Figuring out what makes your business tick, so we can build the foundations of your marketing so you can connect with your ideal clients and create marketing messages that speak to them. This magic combination will allow you to authentically grow your business and start conquering your wildest goals.  

You’ve got the vision, we’ve got the game plan. And we’re ready when you are.


You'll leave with:

Marketing Strategy

  • A revamped and refocused passion for your business.
  • Get to the heart of your business and connect with your core purpose and where you want to take this business. 
  • Gain a deeper understanding of who you serve, what their problem is, and the impact you can have on their life.
  • Confidence in your core messaging to ensure you are speaking your clients language. 
  • Understand your unique selling proposition and cement your unique position in the market.
  • Create your brand personality.   Your brand personality will shape how your brand sounds,  how you talk, the tone of voice you use, the language you use and the way you sound in all your marketing.

Digital Audit

  • A digital snapshot of how you currently show up online (social/web/search).
  • An outline of ways to improve and optimise each platform.
  • An outline of where to show up online, how to show up online, what platforms to utilise and how. 

Key Recommendations

  • Key recommendations on where to best implement changes in your digital marketing to make the biggest difference for your business.
  • Prioritise what the best next steps are.
  • Options on how we can help execute the changes needed.
I need this!
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Sara Eddington, Culture Catcher

"Carlee and Tracy were great at asking the hard questions to get the focus right for my digital marketing strategy.  

They absolutely helped form clarity around where my business was at, where I wanted it to be and developed a comprehensive (but usable) digital strategy to get those plans into action.  

Love the process and working with these ladies, they are fun, have high energy and know their stuff."

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Lizzie Russell, Tennyson Gallery

"I’ve been working on strategy with Tracy and Carlee since the Covid-19 lockdown and they have been really instrumental in helping me guide my business through this uncertain period.

They speak my language, understand my approach and have worked collaboratively with me to help me identify my business's specific core values, strengths, and areas to work on. And now we're putting it into practice.  I'm so excited about business - and that's down to the work we've been doing together! Thank you both." 

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Nadine Crozier, Ball Gowns Bridal & Beyond

"Totally loved working with Tracy & Carlee. Working with them showed me that I do have something unique to offer my customers. The whole experience has renewed my passion, given me clarity around the future direction for my business and left me with a very practical plan to work out. Thank you so much ladies."

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Lynley Boyce, Boyce Podiatry

"Have thoroughly enjoyed the marketing strategy and planning with Connect & Conquer. Came away with a really clear purpose, brand story, recommendations and focus going forward. Carlee has continued with monthly coaching sessions to help keep me on track and accountable."

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Hayden Burgess, Sales Impact

I had a great experience working with the team at Connect and Conquer, they gave me a strong foundation for what I wanted to do with my brand, what we stood for and the type of message we should be putting out into the market. I found their strategy sessions very valuable, I would highly recommend working with them if you are unclear about your brand or message and where to start!

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Lesley Leech, Raspberry Beret

"What a Team! It all started with my need for a Marketing Strategy to give me focus for my brand and build my confidence to grow my business as a Personal Stylist.

Followed swiftly with technical and design expertise to get my website up and running and most recently competing a series of trainings to upskill myself across Social Media. 

The team have delivered everything I have asked for with professionalism, creativity and joy. I love their 'can do' approach and that as their client I am always the centre of attention to get the work done for my business.

There is no such thing as a dumb question - which helped my confidence no end. I am already seeing the results of my work with them as I am putting into practice the tools and skills I have developed. Thank you. Its been worth every cent."

Inspired? Yep, we’re feeling it too.

In these sessions, we cover what you’d likely have to find in multiple courses and resources elsewhere. Your investment in this work will set you up for success from the start.

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