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 You’ve got the vision, we’ve got the game plan.
And we’re ready when you are

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Are you ready to get strategic about your digital marketing?

Are you sick of  feeling flummoxed, frustrated and overwhelmed trying to navigate your digital platforms? Not getting the results you deserve? Feeling like the digital juice isn't worth the mental squeeze? 

We’ve got you. It’s time to step back,  take a breath and reconnect YOU with your business and magnetise YOUR customers to you.  

And that my friend is strategy. 

Digital is the game, you are the player. We know the rules so let’s make this sh*t happen.

 'People don’t buy goods and services, they buy relations, stories and magic.’

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Digital Marketing Strategy

You’ll soon find out that we don’t muck around.

We get right to the heart of your business. Figuring out what makes your business tick, so we can build the foundations of your brand. We take a deep dive into your numbers, analysing your digital analytics to truly understand where you are at, so we can catapult you forward. 

This magic combination will allow you to authentically grow your business and start conquering your wildest goals.  

You’ve got the vision, we’ve got the game plan. And we’re ready when you are.


You'll leave with:


Our sessions can be made available via video call. 

Marketing Strategy

  • A revamped and refocused passion for your business.
  • An unwavering commitment to who you are, what makes you great, what you're trying to accomplish, and why. 
  • A deeper understanding of who you want to serve and how to attract them.  
  • Confidence in your core messaging to ensure you are speaking your clients language. 
  • The basis of a brand guide ready to hand over to copy writers, designers, business partners, social media managers, or any services/people involved in understanding your business.

Digital Audit

  • A digital snapshot of how you currently show up online (social/web/search).
  • An outline of ways to improve and optimise each platform.
  • An outline of where to show up online, how to show up online, what platforms to utilise and how. 

Key Recommendations

  • Key recommendations on where to best implement changes in your digital marketing to make the biggest difference for your business.
  • Prioritise what the best next steps are.
  • Options on how we can help execute the changes needed.

We have options!

The Full One on One

Finding it hard to get clarity on your thoughts, where you want to take this business and why?  Sometimes when you work in the business it’s hard to think big and get outside the day to day running of things.  This is where we come into it.   

We take care of everything.  We run 2 two hour workshops to extract the gold needed to build your marketing strategy and then complete a full digital audit with key recommendations. 

Could it be any easier? 


Our sessions can be made available via video call. 

Half and Half

If something like time or budget has been holding you back from working on your marketing strategy, we think you'll like this half and half option.

With this option you get the goodness of our one on one strategy sessions without the face time. We provide the framework and plenty of guidance along the way, but you do the heavy lifting under our watchful eye to get yourself there - without having to peel yourself away from the office. 

Then we go away and do our bit and run a full digital audit and rustle up some key recommendations.  


Our sessions can be made available via video call. 

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Sara Eddington, Culture Catcher

"Carlee and Tracy were great at asking the hard questions to get the focus right for my digital marketing strategy.  

They absolutely helped form clarity around where my business was at, where I wanted it to be and developed a comprehensive (but usable) digital strategy to get those plans into action.  

Love the process and working with these ladies, they are fun, have high energy and know their stuff."

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Lizzie Russell, Tennyson Gallery

"I’ve been working on strategy with Tracy and Carlee since the Covid-19 lockdown and they have been really instrumental in helping me guide my business through this uncertain period. They speak my language, understand my approach and have worked super collaboratively with me to help me identify my business's specific core values, strengths, and areas to work on. And now we're putting it into practice.  I'm so excited about business - and that's down to the work we've been doing together! Thank you both." 

Inspired? Yep, we’re feeling it too.

In these sessions, we cover what you’d likely have to find in multiple courses and resources elsewhere. Your investment of $3,200 - will set you up for success from the start.

Let's dance

Regional  Business Partners Funded!

Our trainings are registered within the Regional Business Partner Network, which means your business could be eligible for up to 50% funding. Get in touch to find out how!

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