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Conquer Your Social Media training course.

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Does the thought of posting on social media as your business make you sweat? 

Do you know all too well that it needs some work before you can post proudly and confidently, or you’re avoiding it entirely?  Have you done a million courses but never put any of the learnings into action?  Feel like you are losing clients to competitors that have a worse product but better online game?

Then it may be time to get a social media trainer.  If you are sick of doing it alone, this is the training program for you.

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Social Media Training 

 Let's conquer your social media together. A training course where we work hand in hand to FINALLY smash your social sales goals.  Guaranteed.

Start taking your social media to the next level.  

What if you:

🔥 Had a tried and tested framework to build some strong foundations for your marketing, that will ensure you connect with the right clients and create marketing messages that cut through the social media noise?

🔥 Had a step by step process to optimise your social media profiles so you know they are working as hard as they possibly can?

🔥 Could learn a system that teaches you how to plan, create and share the kind of content that engages and grows your audience consistently and easily each month?

🔥 Could create some paid game that would increase your awareness, gather leads and then convert them into paying clients?

Sounds like something you need?  Then this is the training program for you!

You'll get all the knowledge you need to have industry leading social media.  

We cover what you’d likely have to find in multiple courses and resources elsewhere in this one training program.  And the best bit?  We don't leave you to go off and do it on your own.  We hold your hand and take you through this process to make sure you put all your learnings into practices and make the magic happen.

 So if you would like our team to personally train you to run your social media like a pro, then get in touch with us to have a chat and learn more. 

 We'll make sure you squeeze as much social media juice out of us as possible so that after our time together you’re ready and excited to go it alone.  

Our sessions can be made available in person or via video call. 

Not quite ready to chat, email us to learn more.
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Amanda and Dana, Enhanced Wellbeing

We LOVE LOVE LOVE these ladies.  We would totally recommend Connect & Conquer’s social media training to anyone who needs to get control of their digital presence. We have found the whole process to be hugely invaluable and easily one of the best investments we have made.

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Libby, Make Furniture

Working with Connect & Conquer has totally transformed our social media platforms.  We now plan and schedule our social media instead of being reactive and can showcase what we do at the standard we were aiming for.  This process has been easy, engaging and really enjoyable. 

Regional  Business Partners Funded!

Our trainings are registered within the Regional Business Partner Network, which means your business could be eligible for up to 50% funding. Get in touch to find out how!

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