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Would you love me more if you saw me less?

May 23, 2022

I’d love you more if I saw you less.⁠

That's what my son said to me not long after I quit my job so I could work for myself and see him more. He was only 5. I was devastated.⁠

He’d worked out that because I was the one that was around more it meant that I was the one who had to tell him what to do and get him out the door. Rather than because I’m not an ultra fun mum to have around….obviously.⁠

It got me thinking about it from a business perspective. ⁠

Do your customers love you more when they see you less? ⁠

While I’ve certainly had my fair share of businesses that I’ve had to hastily unfollow for bombarding me with stuff I didn’t want to see, my answer would still be a resounding no to this question. ⁠

We’ve all heard the stats that someone needs to see or hear your about your business around 7 times before they take action. So creating content consistently to keep your brand at the front of your audiences mind is super important. The key, of course, is to create content they want to read rather than reject. That is where we come into.⁠

So, who would love me more if they saw me less?⁠

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