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What one thing can you focus on right now to grow your business?

Feb 23, 2022
When we first start working with our clients we often start by doing a bit of digging to learn about their business and what they've been up to. What worked well. What needs work. What results they received from different activities. Generally taking a good look at their business to date.⁠

We start by looking at their numbers and we do this before diving into all the fun stuff (I say that loosely as yes, some of us love numbers and spreadsheets….). We want to uncover what part of their marketing journey needs to be focused on. What is the best thing they can do right now to grow their business? ⁠

Is it:⁠

✔️ Driving more leads?⁠
✔️ Improving the conversion rate of those leads?⁠
✔️ Growing their average order value?⁠
✔️Increasing the frequency that their current customers purchase from them?⁠

When you break it down like this it gives you focus. Sometimes it feels like there are a million different things that you could be doing to market your business. But, if you knuckle down and focus your efforts on a certain area, then you’ll start to see results. ⁠

Then run those numbers again and find out the next area that needs your attention and get to work!⁠

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