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The importance of testing your suspicions

May 31, 2022

My daughter lost a tooth at school. Decided not to tell me so she could test her suspicions that the tooth fairy wasn’t real. Suspicions confirmed. Without telling me, the tooth fairy didn’t come (though she is clearly forgetting the last few years when the tooth fairy failed to turn up on the first night on multiple occasions). ⁠

She would do well in the marketing game. This is what we all should be doing with our marketing. Testing our suspicions. Not wholeheartedly believing something that we don't have proof of.⁠

I talk to people that have sworn off social media for life because it didn’t work for their business. Or gave up sending emails to their database because it took too much time and didn’t give them the return they needed.⁠

Often, once we dig around and look into what they’re doing and how they’re doing it, it becomes obvious that it isn’t the tactic that’s to blame, but how they’re executing it. So, rather than going full steam ahead with what you think will work, take some time to test your suspicions out. Validate them first. Discount them after. ⁠

It could be costing you more than the $2 the tooth fairy would be leaving you. ⁠

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