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The customer colander is a thing.

May 23, 2022

The customer colander is a thing.⁠

It doesn’t have the same ring to it as the customer journey. But perhaps the mental image you conjure up might be more suitable.⁠

Think about it.⁠

All your marketing efforts are directed towards moving your audience through their journey with your business. From awareness, through to raving fans. ⁠


Part of what you want your marketing to be doing is sifting out those in your audience that are not your ideal clients. Not the right sized business, not in the right industry, not the type of work you want to do, not profitable work. Whatever the reason. ⁠

These are the people you want to be able to filter out of your funnel. Not trap them in there. You want to be left with the group of prospects that are your gold. Your five star prospects. Your dream clients. ⁠

So keep this customer colander in mind when you’re creating your marketing messages so you make sure they are doing the job of attracting and filtering. ⁠

Anyone got a better description for what this could be?⁠

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