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Sep 14, 2021

We all know how much of a time suck creating content for social media can be.

Even more so, creating the kind of content that actually looks good and represents your brand well! What looks like a one hour job in your calendar can easily morph into a few hours of frustration, trying to craft the perfect caption and find the right kind of image. 

Want to know our number one tip for shaving off at least one of those hours?

Create templated posts! If you're familiar with our method for creating content then you'll already know that we recommend splitting it into categories, partly to keep things interesting and to make sure every post is engaging with your customers and clients in a dynamic way. And to make sure you're not always hammering the same points. It'll prevent you from selling non-stop too, and give the people more of what they want - which is entertainment! Behind the scenes posts, a glimpse into the inner workings of your business, the team, your space, sneak peeks of exciting projects. 

Within each category of content there will be types of posts that will feature every month, sometimes more than once. Examples of these types of posts include:

  • testimonials and reviews
  • motivating or inspiring quotes
  • product images
  • tips or tricks

Instead of starting from scratch every time one of these posts appears within your content calendar, make your life 10x easier and create a template for each that you can reuse every time, only needing to swap out the text or image. 

Create templates that include your brand fonts, logos, colours and symbols or other design elements. Doing so will create consistency across all of your social media profiles and go a long way towards building a strong brand. It will also look a lot more aesthetically pleasing and professional than a whole bunch of mishmashed posts that don't have anything in common. You know the kind we mean!

Click play on the above video and learn how to create your very own templated posts, and if you have any follow up questions, shoot them our way! You can reach us via [email protected]




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