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The Rules of the Game

May 12, 2021

If you've worked with us before, particularly on a marketing strategy, you'll be familiar with our rules. 

If you're not a client and you're curious about the way we work, here they are:


Our Rules of the Game:


  1. Be honest, be vulnerable.  This is when the magic happens.  You’ll work out what it is that you truly want from your business and your life when you really connect with your inner thoughts. 
  2. Take your time.  Don’t rush through each section just to get it done.  Take your time and think things through.  Spend some time researching online, reflecting on where your business is now, what you would change and what you can’t do without.  
  3. Trust the process.  Do each section in the order we have laid it out.  It’s all part of the winning formula, so make sure you work through each section thoroughly before moving on to the next.
  4. Do the mahi.  Go deeper, we often don’t know our business as well as we think we do. This is the time to knuckle down and do the work to pull some real thoughts, numbers and conclusions about your business that will formulate this strategy. 
  5. Connect to your heart, then back that up with your head.
  6. Everything is figure-out-able.  Don’t let the process get held back by roadblocks that can be figured out later.  Things may pop up along the way, put these on a post it note on the wall or create a list and come back to them later.  Don’t let them inhibit your big picture thinking. 
  7. Shiny balls. These are the distractions, the lightbulb moment ideas that pop up when you’re working on your strategy.  Note down your shiny balls for later and make sure you’re only thinking about the core of your business during this time.


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