New year, same strategy?

Jan 12, 2021

We're marching into this year with a full plate.  Most notably, our exciting new office space, an expanding team on the horizon and a slew of updated services. 

Last year brought with it plenty of disruption and change to businesses like both yours and ours. If you're anything like us, those changes will have set the tone for what's ahead. 2020 for Connect & Conquer meant opportunity for our business as people rushed to move their own businesses online. Over the course of the year our service offering increased a little here and there, things adapted to the situation at hand, bits were added and bits dropped off, but one thing that remained the same were our marketing strategy sessions. 

These are the core of our business, where it all begins. It’s where businesses  gain clarity on their brand story, confidence in their core messaging and unwavering focus on their marketing plan. 

We know for many 2020 felt very ‘sink or swim’, and if swimming was hard when the direction felt murky with so much ongoing change, marketing efforts or parts of your business may have faltered or dropped off altogether. But it’s a new year and time for some new direction. The best place to start is with a marketing strategy, the roadmap to the future that all your business decisions can stem from. Once you’ve got one of those, everything else becomes clearer and you can soldier on with your marketing plan in hand.

If you know it’s a marketing strategy you’re after, let's chat.

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