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My tip for the day!

Jun 08, 2022

Here's what I'm thinking today.

It's been a hot topic I seem to be talking about with nearly every client I have talked to in the last few weeks.

Business is hard. There are 4,561 things you could be doing for your marketing (exaggeration? Maybe. Maybe not). And that's just your marketing. Let alone every other part of your business that needs your focus.

So rather than getting overwhelmed, take a look at your customer journey and work out where it makes the most sense for you to be spending your precious marketing time. Doing this will not only give you focus but will also make sure you're not letting opportunities pass you by.

Too overwhelmed to even think about where to begin?  Perhaps you need to book in for our Fractional Marketing Director service to get you on track with all things marketing and take control of your business.    Or email me at [email protected] or book a time to chat and I'll point you in the right direction.

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