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Knowing Your Numbers on Facebook

May 05, 2021

Do the numbers and graphs on Facebook Insights bring back daunting memories of high school maths classes? 

Facebook provides a tonne of information about your business page but not all of us can get our head around what they all mean. So we’ve put together our top three metrics that we believe you should be keeping track of. 

  1. Engagement 

Engagement on Facebook is when a user performs an action on your page. Examples of this include sharing one of your posts, reacting to a picture that you have posted or leaving a comment. 

The first reason why this metric is so important is that it allows you to evaluate how well your posts are doing. It gives you an indication of whether or not people like what you are posting. 

The second reason why this metric is so important is that it may increase your posts’ exposure to your audience. As you will be aware, Facebook’s algorithm surfaces posts in descending order of interest for every user. So if your posts get a lot of engagement, Facebook will see this as a positive and will likely surface it to your audience.  

You can track your engagement by clicking on the Content tab on Business Suite. There you will find all of your posts and its metrics such as comments, reactions and shares it each received. 

  1. Reach 

Facebook Insights measures your reach by tracking the number of people who see your posts or page, regardless of whether or not they engaged with it. 

Not every post will have the same rate of reach so it’s important to keep track of this metric. It will enable you to learn and understand what your audience is interested in and why specific posts perform better than others. 

You can find this data by going to your Business Suite and clicking on the Trends tab. 


  1. Page likes and follows

Page likes are simply the number of users that follow your business page on Facebook. When a person likes your business page, they are choosing to have your posts appear on their newsfeed. 

Page likes are often referred to as a vanity metric. Unlike reach and engagement, it doesn’t represent how successful your Facebook marketing efforts are. However, it is still important because it shows your audience size. Keeping an eye on this metric will ensure you are measuring your audience growth. 

To find this metric, open up the Business Suite app and go to the Audience tab.


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