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Are you Planting on Fertile Ground?

Oct 06, 2021

It's no secret that when it comes to a successful social media presence, one of the first steps is having an engaged audience that interacts with your posts and is steadily growing in size.

But if you're only just getting the hang of this social media thing, that can be easier said than done when your current audience is giving you the silent treatment. It can take time to build up that kinda community! Our advice for cheating the system and making it happen? Find fertile ground.

On social media, fertile ground is found in a private group. A private group on Facebook or LinkedIn is typically a safe space for a community of likeminded people to share updates, insight, thoughts and recommendations based on the topic or niche of that group. For example, if you were wanting advice on purchasing a first home, you could easily choose from one of the hundreds of 'First Home Buyers' private groups on Facebook to join and have your questions answered.

Plus, with the way things are going on social media, as users our behaviour on each app is shifting towards becoming more private. People are less inclined to share as openly with their audience in the public arena that is the Facebook newsfeed, and instead are looking to more private spaces for sharing, like private groups and messenger.

With your business hat on, you should be seeking out relevant groups to join and sparking some conversation in there, with the aim of continuing the conversation with those people in your inbox. 

Here is how to find the right group, or fertile ground, for your niche:

  • Search for groups to join using the search bar on Facebook or LinkedIn and keywords that relate to the kind of group you're wanting to find, e.g. 'first home buyers' or 'investment property'.
  • Narrow the results of your search by selecting 'groups' from the menu on the lefthand side. 
  • Look for groups with less than 10,000 members. Any bigger than this and you may need to fight to get your posts seen. 
  • Look for groups with between 5 and 20 new posts per day. Any less than this gives you an indication that the group doesn't have much activity, or an active audience. Any more than this means the group is super active and your posts may get lost or go unnoticed. 
  • You'll know you've found the right group when the members are asking questions in there that you have the answers to. 
  • Use the search bar in the group to look up topics or posts that feature relevant topics you are ready to weigh in on. This is a good habit to get into when you join an existing group, as it is a way of contributing to a conversation on an old post and sparking up activity again. 

Once you've found the right groups and have been accepted to join, introduce yourself! Pull together a post that tells the members a little bit about yourself and your business, and pair it with a recent photo of yourself.

Our top tip for posting in the group is to take a beat and give it a few days before introducing yourself. Use that time to join conversations in the group and get a feel for how things work, what people are posting, and the types of questions people are wanting answers to the most. Then when you're ready to say hello and introduce yourself, others in the group may have already seen you engaging in there and be more inclined to respond to your own post. Think of it like entering a busy pub alone. You wouldn't walk in the door and loudly announce your arrival to a crowded room, you're more likely to wait for a bit and get a feel for the room before going over and saying hello to anyone. Treat your arrival into a private group the same way!

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