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Digi Dos & Don'ts #3: How to show up in Google search results, fast and for free.

Mar 23, 2021

Want to know how you can instantly improve how your business shows up in Google search results, for free?

Google Ads are fast and effective but cost money and SEO is a slow burn. However, your Google My Business listing is a valuable piece of real estate within Google and optimising every section of it will improve how you appear in search results instantly. 

Google is the most popular search engine worldwide with a market share of over 70%. That’s huge! Your business should be looking for every which way possible to improve your appearance, whether that’s how you show up when someone searches your business name directly, or how you’re showing up when someone uses related search terms to find you - and that's if you're showing up at all.

The easiest shortcut and a fast way to establish authority, increase traffic (and potentially even sales!) is to set up and optimise your Google My Business. 

GMB is an underrated and under-utilised space that every business can set up and access through Google. It’s like a mini landing page within Google where you have creative control over your company’s appearance, plus the ability to add all the necessary info your customers and potential customers need to know about your business.

And it’s free!  

Here are our do’s and don’ts for setting up and optimising your GMB listing:

Do: Set up an account for your business, right now! Sign in to your Google account or quickly create one, enter your business' physical address, choose how your business will display on Google Maps, select a business category, enter your contact details and your website URL and hit finish. You now have the bones of your GMB and once you’re verified, you can start adding in the rest of your information like images, a logo, posts and products.

Don’t: Don’t forget about your verification code. Once you have signed up you need to wait 15-30 days for a postcard via snail mail from Google with your verification code on it. Why in the post you ask? Google needs to verify the address you’ve listed your business at is really the address where you’re situated.

Do: Upload images. Give your listing a cover image and some more relevant images of your business, who you are, what you do and who you serve. Keep it consistent with your website and social media profiles, use imagery with branding where possible to increase your brand recognition.

Don’t: Upload images in the wrong format. When uploading your logo image, make sure it is 720 x 720px otherwise Google won’t recognise it as a logo and it won’t appear on your listing. 

Do: Upload posts! These are like mini social posts, you have the option to upload them in the format of a Covid-19 announcement, new offer, update, event or product. Think of it like a post on your social media that’s going out to an entirely different audience. 

Don’t: Forget that your posts expire.  Factor these into your content schedule for the month so you don’t forget to update them once they expire, or upload one a month so your GMB listing stays up to date.

Do: Upload products if you sell products, and upload services if you’re a service provider. This is another easy way to display through some text or an image what it is that you do or offer before someone arrives on your website. 

Don’t: Bury your most important services or products. You’re limited in space on your GMB listing and although you can add multiple services or products, keep the most important ones at the front so all eyes will be on those first before clicking into the rest. 

Do: Encourage advocates of your business, previous customers or clients, to leave reviews to boost your ratings on GMB. 

Don’t: Forget to respond to each review as it comes in! You’ll get an email to remind you, so no worries. This helps to keep your profile updated and is another opportunity to engage with clients, giving context to their experience working with you.


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