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Does it count?

Jun 08, 2022

Does it count if the training webinar is playing on a different tab while I work?⁠

Absolutely not. ⁠

We may think we’re multi-tasking geniuses but! The reality is if you’re trying to listen and learn AND work at the same time, something isn’t going to be getting the attention that it deserves.⁠

Either you’ve just read the same sentence five times and still can’t remember what it said, or you’ve switched off to the sound of the webinar as you do when your kids are fighting over who got the bigger slice of something you’re wishing they weren’t eating in the first place. ⁠

It would be great if we could learn this way. But we can’t.⁠

That is the beauty of our Conquer Your Social Media training program. We work hand in hand with you so that you have no choice but to succeed. There’s a combination of videos to learn from as well as fortnightly meetings where we catch up one on one and hold you accountable. No more listening to educational videos on the multi task. ⁠

We make sure you’re putting your learnings into action and review and feedback on all things social media in your business. ⁠

So, if you’re sick of going it alone, flick me a message - [email protected] - and let’s chat about how we can work together. One on one. Not on the multi task. ⁠

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