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Do company values even matter when it comes to your marketing?

Mar 16, 2022

Do company values even matter when it comes to your marketing?

At Connect & Conquer it's a resounding YES!

When we work with our clients to build their marketing foundations we always dig into their business values, and here's why.

We believe your values dictate the cultural heartbeat of your business.   They are the backbone of what you stand for. They will determine how you will conduct yourself in support and pursuit of your mission, vision and purpose.   AND will be what attracts your clients to you.  

When someone interacts with your business, a client or new recruit, they should get a sense of what your values are without having to read them written on a sign on the wall. Having them up on your wall can help to remind everyone of what you stand for, but it needs to go further than that. You need to live and breathe it every day.

Values for your clients:

 When it comes to attracting the right clients you need a way to stand out from your competitors. It's likely that there are other businesses out there that offer the same product or service as you for a relatively similar price. So what's going to be the clincher for them to choose you over them?

Often it can come down to what you stand for. Your values. Especially if your values align with theirs (hint, they should). If they believe in the same values as you do, then you have given them a reason to connect with you, relate to you, and ultimately just like you that little bit more. Taking them one step closer to becoming a client.

Doing the work to outline your values and then making an effort to communicate them through your marketing will attract your ideal clients to you.

Values for your team:

The importance of values doesn't just come into play for your clients though. It stretches out to your team. Every time your team interacts with a client they have an opportunity to represent the brand in a positive light. If your team has a good understanding of what the company values are then they know what is expected of them when they are at work. 

When hiring a new staff member it often pays to present these values to them so they have a full understanding and insight into what working for your company will be like and whether that works for them.


To make sure your values build the cultural heartbeat of your business, be sure to go further than just writing them up on the wall.

Create a list of associated behaviours against each one to show the team and remind everyone how they can bring these values to life.

Then make sure you do.

If you want some help getting started then download our marketing strategy template to get you started.  Or maybe we should chat and put our brains together to figure it out!   Send me an email at [email protected] or book a time here and let's chat.


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