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Are you posting consistently but no one is buying?

May 23, 2022

I post consistently but no one is buying!⁠

This is a common cause of social media content creation stress!⁠

It's something I hear all the time when talking to clients that are spending hours creating content for their social media and then feeling like it was all a waste of time.⁠

If this sounds like you then ask yourself these questions. ⁠

👍 Am I selling to them? ⁠
👍 Am I clearly telling them what I offer? ⁠
👍 Am I clearly telling them what I want them to do next? ⁠
👍 Am I asking them to get in touch, to visit your website, or even (shock of all horrors) to make a purchase?⁠

If you don’t clearly show your audience what you want them to do, then you’re leaving your sales to chance. And you don’t want that. No one can afford to leave the success of their business to chance!⁠

So go on, get a little bit salesy and see what happens. Let me know how you go!⁠

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