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September content

Pot calling the kettle black?  Maybe.


I’ve been quiet on the content front lately.    Call it Winter blues, lack of inspiration, who knows!  This may be exactly how you’re feeling too.  But don’t panic.  

It happens and feeling guilty or being hard on ourselves won’t help.   Sometimes taking a break is just what we need so that we can come back to content creation with a fresh head!

If you need a nudge to get back into the content game then take a look at this calendar to give you some super simple ideas to get you started.  



Challenge yourself to try at least three a week.   I’ll be doing the same……here’s to a fun and content filled September!

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Did you know you can now pin posts to the top of your Instagram?

Did you know Instagram has created pinned posts?!

Instagram now lets you pin up to three posts or reels to the top of your profile. Just like pinned posts on TikTok and Twitter, they’ll sit at the forefront of your Instagram grid as if you recently posted them.

This is great for keeping the most valuable posts visible for when a new visitor comes onto your account. Ideal posts to pin would be ones that give a summary of who you are, what you do, and how you can help people so that they quickly get an insight into what you are all about.

So, how do you use this feature?

You can use the feature by selecting one of your posts or reels and then tapping the three dots in the top-right corner of the post.  From there, hit pin to your profile. When you return to your profile, you'll see your post in the top-left corner of your grid with a white pin icon.


This is a great new feature so make sure you are using it!

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Does it count?

Does it count if the training webinar is playing on a different tab while I work?

Absolutely not.

We may think we’re multi-tasking geniuses but! The reality is if you’re trying to listen and learn AND work at the same time, something isn’t going to be getting the attention that it deserves.

Either you’ve just read the same sentence five times and still can’t remember what it said, or you’ve switched off to the sound of the webinar as you do when your kids are fighting over who got the bigger slice of something you’re wishing they weren’t eating in the first place.

It would be great if we could learn this way. But we can’t.

That is the beauty of our Conquer Your Social Media training program. We work hand in hand with you so that you have no choice but to succeed. There’s a combination of videos to learn from as well as fortnightly meetings where we catch up one on one and hold you accountable. No more listening to educational...

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My tip for the day!


Here's what I'm thinking today.

It's been a hot topic I seem to be talking about with nearly every client I have talked to in the last few weeks.

Business is hard. There are 4,561 things you could be doing for your marketing (exaggeration? Maybe. Maybe not). And that's just your marketing. Let alone every other part of your business that needs your focus.

So rather than getting overwhelmed, take a look at your customer journey and work out where it makes the most sense for you to be spending your precious marketing time. Doing this will not only give you focus but will also make sure you're not letting opportunities pass you by.

Too overwhelmed to even think about where to begin?  Perhaps you need to book in for our Fractional Marketing Director service to get you on track with all things marketing and take control of your business.    Or email me at [email protected] or book a time to chat and I'll point you in the right direction.

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The importance of testing your suspicions

My daughter lost a tooth at school. Decided not to tell me so she could test her suspicions that the tooth fairy wasn’t real. Suspicions confirmed. Without telling me, the tooth fairy didn’t come (though she is clearly forgetting the last few years when the tooth fairy failed to turn up on the first night on multiple occasions).

She would do well in the marketing game. This is what we all should be doing with our marketing. Testing our suspicions. Not wholeheartedly believing something that we don't have proof of.

I talk to people that have sworn off social media for life because it didn’t work for their business. Or gave up sending emails to their database because it took too much time and didn’t give them the return they needed.

Often, once we dig around and look into what they’re doing and how they’re doing it, it becomes obvious that it isn’t the tactic that’s to blame, but how they’re executing it. So, rather than going full...

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Would you love me more if you saw me less?

I’d love you more if I saw you less.

That's what my son said to me not long after I quit my job so I could work for myself and see him more. He was only 5. I was devastated.

He’d worked out that because I was the one that was around more it meant that I was the one who had to tell him what to do and get him out the door. Rather than because I’m not an ultra fun mum to have around….obviously.

It got me thinking about it from a business perspective.

Do your customers love you more when they see you less?

While I’ve certainly had my fair share of businesses that I’ve had to hastily unfollow for bombarding me with stuff I didn’t want to see, my answer would still be a resounding no to this question.

We’ve all heard the stats that someone needs to see or hear your about your business around 7 times before they take action. So creating content consistently to keep your brand at the front of your audiences mind is super important. The key, of...

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Are you posting consistently but no one is buying?

I post consistently but no one is buying!

This is a common cause of social media content creation stress!

It's something I hear all the time when talking to clients that are spending hours creating content for their social media and then feeling like it was all a waste of time.

If this sounds like you then ask yourself these questions.

Am I selling to them?
Am I clearly telling them what I offer?
Am I clearly telling them what I want them to do next?
Am I asking them to get in touch, to visit your website, or even (shock of all horrors) to make a purchase?

If you don’t clearly show your audience what you want them to do, then you’re leaving your sales to chance. And you don’t want that. No one can afford to leave the success of their business to chance!

So go on, get a little bit salesy and see what happens. Let me know how you go!

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Reviewed your customer journey lately?

Your customer's journey with your business is a long game. A journey. Don’t make me say it won’t happen overnight but it will happen!

How often do you see something for the first time and hit book or buy straight away (OK, so there may be some compulsive purchasers out there with their hands up right now….).

But most of us don’t operate like that.

We become aware of a new brand, product, or service and we scan their post. Then they pop up in our feed again, and this time we may take a bit longer to read what they're all about.

Then we find ourselves on their website doing a bit of digging into who they are, what they stand for, and the impact they can have on our lives. Then we might head away and reflect on whether we can afford this new service, where we will put that new product, can we really fit another dress in our wardrobe (FYI, I can’t. Don’t let me buy any more clothes, I have the smallest wardrobe in the house).

Then we realise we...

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The customer colander is a thing.

The customer colander is a thing.

It doesn’t have the same ring to it as the customer journey. But perhaps the mental image you conjure up might be more suitable.

Think about it.

All your marketing efforts are directed towards moving your audience through their journey with your business. From awareness, through to raving fans.


Part of what you want your marketing to be doing is sifting out those in your audience that are not your ideal clients. Not the right sized business, not in the right industry, not the type of work you want to do, not profitable work. Whatever the reason.

These are the people you want to be able to filter out of your funnel. Not trap them in there. You want to be left with the group of prospects that are your gold. Your five star prospects. Your dream clients.

So keep this customer colander in mind when you’re creating your marketing messages so you make sure they are doing the job of attracting and filtering.

Anyone got a better description...

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Need some content inspiration for May?

May is just around the corner!  Hands up who has their content planned out and ready to go?

To give you a jumpstart on your content journey in time for May, we've put together a basic set of daily inspirations.  By following this it will help you to plan out a variety of posts to engage your audience in different ways!  

Pick three a week or go for all five, just whatever works for your business.  But make sure you give it a go.


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