Scheduling with Later

Jun 15, 2021
One of the secrets to nailing social media is consistency. The easiest way to ensure consistent posting across multiple platforms is automation. Later allows you to schedule your content into a calendar and it will post it for you at the time and on the day you decide.
If you want to take the pain out of posting on your social media platforms then Later is the platform for you.
Here's a video demonstrating how to schedule your content through
NOTE: To view the video in best quality available to you, select the settings "cog" icon in the bottom right of the video screen and change the quality.
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To opt in, or opt out?

Jun 07, 2021

If you a.) own an iPhone, and b.) don't live under a rock, by now you'll be well aware that Apple have made their latest update, and it's an interesting one for those of us who fall into both the 'user' and the 'advertiser' category. 

If you haven't had a chance to figure out what all the fuss is about, here's our quick and easy explanation:

Apple's new software update has given all their users (everyone with an iPhone) the option to opt-out of sharing their data with other apps & websites. This includes apps like Facebook, Instagram and Messenger.

If you're someone who has opted OUT, this means that Facebook will no longer be able to deliver personalised ads to you. Basically, the ads you're going to start seeing will become less relevant to you and the things you've been clicking on, on and off Facebook. It's possibly going to become a bit more of a mishmash of ads from all kinds of businesses, versus *that* handbag you've been looking at all week...

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Knowing Your Numbers on Instagram

May 14, 2021

Now that you’re up to speed with what we believe are the top three metrics on Facebook, it’s time to look at our top Instagram metrics to keep an eye on.

Instagram provides a handy insights section for the users who have business profiles. The Business Suite app is also a great tool for businesses to download, especially if they have multiple social media profiles.


1. Reach 

Just like on Facebook, reach measures the number of people who have seen your post. For a business that is trying to grow its brand awareness and reach the highest number of Instagram users possible, this is a metric worth keeping an eye on. 

Based on the amount of reach your posts gets, for example if you have a post with a very high amount of reach versus posts before with not very much, you can ask yourself questions like:

  • What hashtags did I use?
  • Was there anything about the image I used that was different from previous posts, did it involve a person maybe,...
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The Rules of the Game

May 12, 2021

If you've worked with us before, particularly on a marketing strategy, you'll be familiar with our rules. 

If you're not a client and you're curious about the way we work, here they are:


Our Rules of the Game:


  1. Be honest, be vulnerable.  This is when the magic happens.  You’ll work out what it is that you truly want from your business and your life when you really connect with your inner thoughts. 
  2. Take your time.  Don’t rush through each section just to get it done.  Take your time and think things through.  Spend some time researching online, reflecting on where your business is now, what you would change and what you can’t do without.  
  3. Trust the process.  Do each section in the order we have laid it out.  It’s all part of the winning formula, so make sure you work through each section thoroughly before moving on to the next.
  4. Do the mahi.  Go deeper, we often don’t know our...
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Knowing Your Numbers on Facebook

May 05, 2021

Do the numbers and graphs on Facebook Insights bring back daunting memories of high school maths classes? 

Facebook provides a tonne of information about your business page but not all of us can get our head around what they all mean. So we’ve put together our top three metrics that we believe you should be keeping track of. 

  1. Engagement 

Engagement on Facebook is when a user performs an action on your page. Examples of this include sharing one of your posts, reacting to a picture that you have posted or leaving a comment. 

The first reason why this metric is so important is that it allows you to evaluate how well your posts are doing. It gives you an indication of whether or not people like what you are posting. 

The second reason why this metric is so important is that it may increase your posts’ exposure to your audience. As you will be aware, Facebook’s algorithm surfaces posts in descending order of interest for every user. So if...

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Digi Dos & Don'ts #3: How to show up in Google search results, fast and for free.

Mar 23, 2021

Want to know how you can instantly improve how your business shows up in Google search results, for free?

Google Ads are fast and effective but cost money and SEO is a slow burn. However, your Google My Business listing is a valuable piece of real estate within Google and optimising every section of it will improve how you appear in search results instantly. 

Google is the most popular search engine worldwide with a market share of over 70%. That’s huge! Your business should be looking for every which way possible to improve your appearance, whether that’s how you show up when someone searches your business name directly, or how you’re showing up when someone uses related search terms to find you - and that's if you're showing up at all.

The easiest shortcut and a fast way to establish authority, increase traffic (and potentially even sales!) is to set up and optimise your Google My Business. 

GMB is an underrated and under-utilised space that every...

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Digi Dos & Don'ts #2: Optimising your Instagram profile for business

Feb 04, 2021

Before anything else, social media is for connecting with people, other humans. For most platforms that means sharing images and updates about your daily life, events and other important announcements. Facebook is for connecting with friends and family, Instagram is for sharing your latest photo, LinkedIn for connecting with a friend, colleague or acquaintance, and so on. 

Luckily for us, social media apps and websites have adapted to the steady rise in businesses creating profiles to market themselves from. They've made it easy for us to set up a business profile, separate from our personal one, that acts as another landing page for our business and a way for people outside our direct networks to discover us. And hopefully one day even buy from us. 

What is your business' social media presence like? Are you proud of it or does it make you blush in a bad way? It needs to act differently to your personal profile, like a landing page for your business. A...

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We're burning our bras. (Kind of)

Jan 29, 2021

Late last year I read a very juicy exposé published by one of my new favourite digital publications and an exciting reflection of our home grown journalism, Ensemble Magazine. If you haven't discovered their site yet, it's a very good blend of culture, fashion and beauty journalism with more meaningful diversity and substance than some of the traditional glossy mags we're used to reading. 

The publication is made up of an ensemble cast of various kiwi creatives who have come out of the Covid-induced closures of their previous publications swinging. We highly recommend having a read.

One of the earlier articles that piqued my interest and has since gone somewhat viral was this exposé of New Zealand clothing, swimwear and lingerie brand, Lonely

We recommend reading it for yourself in all its Coronavirus-denying and conspiracy theorising glory, but in short it's the story of how a well known and much loved New...

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Digi Dos & Don'ts #1: Grow your following online, the right way.

Jan 28, 2021


Gone are the days when having tens of thousands of followers was the biggest indicator of success on a social platform. Thankfully, these days it’s all about quality, not quantity. Who is following you and whether or not they’re considered your target market, versus any stranger on the internet just to get your numbers up. 

While it’s better to have a genuine following, numbers still count, because at the end of the day the more core customers you have in your audience, the more people you have to tell about your amazing products and services. 

But, growing your audience can be hard! If you don’t want just any Tom, Dick or Harry sitting idly in your audience, where do you find people?



  • DO: Put the ‘social’ into ‘social network’


Utilise the audiences you have access to on all of the social media platforms your business has a presence on - and speak to them! Start conversations in the comments,...

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New year, same strategy?

Jan 12, 2021

We're marching into this year with a full plate.  Most notably, our exciting new office space, an expanding team on the horizon and a slew of updated services. 

Last year brought with it plenty of disruption and change to businesses like both yours and ours. If you're anything like us, those changes will have set the tone for what's ahead. 2020 for Connect & Conquer meant opportunity for our business as people rushed to move their own businesses online. Over the course of the year our service offering increased a little here and there, things adapted to the situation at hand, bits were added and bits dropped off, but one thing that remained the same were our marketing strategy sessions. 

These are the core of our business, where it all begins. It’s where businesses  gain clarity on their brand story, confidence in their core messaging and unwavering focus on their marketing plan. 

We know for many 2020 felt very ‘sink or...

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