Why do SME’s need a marketing strategy?

Jul 31, 2020

Okay, so it’s the start of the month you have your monthly catch up with the team, and the dreaded marketing conversation comes up. What are we doing this month? What have we got planned for social (groan), who is doing it this week? Are there any advertising deals out there? Let’s just tick a few boxes and cross our fingers something sticks. 

Instead of taking a strategic approach, most SME's marketing efforts are the result of off-the-cuff, reactionary thinking. This leads to owners not knowing what works or what doesn’t work, sucks time and energy that they would rather be spending on doing what they love, and basically leads to a waste of money and a huge amount of frustration.

If any of this sounds familiar, I highly recommend you take a step back… and that “step back” involves creating a strategic marketing plan. Developing a marketing strategy is your best chance at success, and here’s why.

It gives you the framework to reignite...

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