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We are Connect & Conquer.

And we’re here to help business owners like you get super clear on what it takes to build and grow an irresistible brand presence.

We’ve been in the marketing biz long enough to know what works, but we’re also obsessed with staying a step ahead of ever-changing tools and trends and we’re not afraid to push boundaries and get creative. 

That’s because we’ve also been in your shoes, growing businesses from the ground up and putting our own advice into practice in the real world.

In January 2020, we rebranded to create Connect & Conquer Marketing. Between us, we’ve run successful companies, launched e-commerce stores and sold online courses. We’ve delivered high-level marketing strategy, managed projects and coached small businesses. When it comes to marketing, there isn’t a box that we haven’t ticked.

And now we’re sharing all that knowledge and know-how with you. 

Supporting small businesses in playing big is what we’re all about, so are you ready to connect and conquer together?

Get to know us below, then get in touch!

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From sales to marketing, and from publishing to creative agencies, there ain’t nothing this lady doesn't know about communications and branding. Wherever she’s bounced through her 15+-year career, one thing has stayed the same: her love of helping clients connect more deeply with their customers. Not one to shy away from asking the hard questions, Carlee is the straight-shooting, psychology-studying, smart-strategising marketer who you want by your side when it’s time to really shake things up for your business. She’s ready to dig deep and work with you to find your magic and attract your true tribe, no BS included.
021 074 8678

Carlee Atkin from Connect & Conquer
Tracy Pope from Connect & Conquer Marketing


Every team needs someone who keeps tabs of every cog and wheel in the business - and that someone for us is Tracy. She’s across everything when it comes to looking after you - our clients - making all the good stuff happen and managing projects right from start to finish. She also puts her management nous to use in the running of Connect & Conquer. Tracy co-founded marketing company, Trace Marketing, alongside Carlee, so has a tonne of valuable experience, including research, lead generation and analytics, to call on in supporting our small business clients market to their audiences.
021 111 2380


Fresh from working as a social media strategist for an international
skincare boutique, Hannah has returned home with one colossal suitcase of digital masteries.  Hannah supports and trains our clients to bring all things digital to life, and she project manages like a boss to get our clients moving.  Throw in her skills as a makeup artist and research queen, there really isn't anything this gal can't do.
020 4070 0712 

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