Social Media Advertising Management

Are you wondering how to get your business in front of more eyeballs online?


Wanting to push that offer out to more than just your immediate audience? Need new leads and customers in that database?

The answer is Facebook ads.

But, it’s a complicated beast, and it can be a time consuming and costly exercise trying to figure it out on your own.

Let us set up your next ad campaign for you. We'll work together to get your latest offer or promotion in front of the audiences that matter most to your business. 

What we will do:


  • Audience creation.  We'll create core, custom and lookalike audiences filled with your ideal customers. 
  • Ad placement.  Decide on the best place for your ads to be seen - Facebook, Messenger, Instagram and the audience network (those spots you see ads outside of social media, on third-party apps and mobile sites).
  • Ad creative. We'll advise you on the imagery or video we need for your ads to make an impact and cut through the social media noise. 
  • Ad copy. We'll write the written elements of your ads for you and create copy that connects. 
  • Facebook pixel. We'll ensure you pixel is set up correctly and ready to start firing when people land on your website. 
  • Ad tracking. We'll ensure your tracking is set up so you can gain the most insight possible from your campaign.
  • Testing. Develop tests and roll out the successful combination.
  • Monitoring. We will monitor your campaign and adjust accordingly throughout the month.
  • Reporting. Expect a final report at the conclusion of the campaign with a summary and recommendations.

Inspired?  Yep, we're feeling it to.

We'll get you set up for success and keep you on track.

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