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You’ve done all the hard work to get your leads into your email database, but what are you doing with them now?  How often are you speaking to them and what are you saying?

Email marketing is one of the most underrated and under-utilised methods of getting in front of potential and existing customers for small businesses.  Ensure you stay front of mind and engage with your customers again and again with our email marketing services.

We’ll take the hard work and uncertainty out of it, and do it for you.

What we can do:

Set up your email platform for success:

  • Create email templates.
  • Import customer lists.
  • Link your website to your email platform.
  • Create database segments of your audience.
  • Create welcome emails and follow up email automations.


Create email campaigns:

  • Create compelling email content on a regular basis.
  • Create campaigns within your email platform.
  • Lead magnet email development.
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Inspired?  Yep, we're feeling it to.

Don't leave that email database collecting dust, nurture your list on the regular to continue to be able to resell and engage with your community.  You know you need to.

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